Photo Booth Rentals For School Functions | Buffalo NY

If there is a demographic that loves photo booths the most, it is definitely teenagers! At every school event we are apart of throughout the Buffalo area, there is always a line leading up to the photo booth for the duration of the event. Students love to utilize all of the crazy props and be creative with their poses. Sometimes even the teachers like to jump in a few photos for fun! From homecoming dances and proms to school fundraisers and end-of-the-year parties we are apart of numerous school events throughout the Buffalo area. One of the more popular aspects of a phone booth with the teenage demographic, is the photo strips. The photo strips have three to four pictures on them and students love to hang them up on in their lockers or share them online. Another way to get creative with school events is to use a backdrop with the school logo on it. This helps with school branding and encourages school spirit! Give our office a call today or get a quote online for your next school event.